Kangyoon Couple Episode 8 English subs
Sunhee Couple Episode 6 English subs
Joonseo Couple Episode 4 English subs

Just finished watching We Got Married Season 4 Episode 6 English subs.

I really2 ship SunHee Couple!

Even though there is 2 other couples, they still ARE the best couple there!

Like Kwanghee said “We are SHINING couple!” hehehe

And I really do feel thats it’s so unfair for them being scolded by KangYoon Couple for that Jajangmyun incident!

I really wish next episode that JoonSeo Couple said that they did that and settle it nicely~~!^^

and i’m on Haetnim side.. Uri Joonie, I love u so much but plz take care of uri Haetnim’s feeling as a woman..^^~

Anyway U can watch this episode here : We Got Married Season 4 Episode 6 English subs via kshownow.net ^^

Thank u sooo much for subbing this WGM Season!








Woah! I’m so tired today~~

I’m not complaining but just wanna pour ma heart out!


You might be thinking so how can i waste ma time wrote this entry?

Hehe its only took 5 mins to wrote this entry plus I want to relax ma mind a lil..

I love WORKING! I really like it when I’m buzy until I feel suffocate! hehe

Anyway, here’s one of the song that I always heard

while doing ma work!

It’s GD -That XX

You can watch the MV with  Eng Sub version here

Let’s all sing together! hehe

* Oh I hate you for not knowing me
I hate this waiting
Please let go of his hand now
When you are sad, I feel like I could die baby

** What does that bastard have that I don’t?
Exactly why can’t I have you?
That bastard doesn’t love you
Until when are you going to cry like a fool?


cr : BIGBANG , LoveKpopSubs

lyrics cr : pop! gasa





This scene really hurt my feelings…
I almost cry for Eun GI…

It’s a relieved that this guy (I still cant remember this Attorney’s name mian..) is beside’s Eun Gi side.. ^^

Did u hear that MS HAN JAE HEE???


I know uri Ma ru oppa feels hurt because of Jae Hee

But I feel like he’s really wrong in played  with Eun Gi’s feeling…

Poor Eun Gi…

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He really looks tired in this scene..Ahh~~ Oppa wae u choose to be like this.. T______T

It’s a good thing that Eun Gi got a strong character in this series..
Uri Ma Ru Oppa must feel sorry towards her.. ~~

I really Loveeee a scene or in real life if da guy kiss
her GF’s forehead!^^

Guys! PPalli2 watching this drama!

I’ve been dedicated ma night to watch Nice Guy at the moment! hehe

Watch Nice Guy Episode 5 ONLY  @MyKimchiDrama

Enjoy watching yeorobun!~~^^





I’m crazily falling in love with Song Joong Ki once agfain in Nice Guy!!

This drama are totally PSYCHO hehehe

Love it!!!

Here’s da link to this GREAT DRAMA!

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Anyway do tell me ur opinion on this drama!

Enjoy watching!^^

cr : MyKimchiDrama


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“An age where you feel like you could love anyone, where you put everything on the line for the smallest of things. Eighteen. Adults say that it’s an age where we laugh if a leaf tumbles by. But back then, we were more serious than any adult, more intense, and had our strength tested. 1997. That was how our eighteen was beginning.”

Lalalala WOW! Fantastic Baby! hahaha
Anyway, watcha’ll been doin’ this weekend?
hehehe Lookin at ma photo….lol!
I really want to wear that kinda red lipstick! Look good on me aite? hehe

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