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Kangyoon Couple Episode 8 English subs
Sunhee Couple Episode 6 English subs
Joonseo Couple Episode 4 English subs

Just finished watching We Got Married Season 4 Episode 6 English subs.

I really2 ship SunHee Couple!

Even though there is 2 other couples, they still ARE the best couple there!

Like Kwanghee said “We are SHINING couple!” hehehe

And I really do feel thats it’s so unfair for them being scolded by KangYoon Couple for that Jajangmyun incident!

I really wish next episode that JoonSeo Couple said that they did that and settle it nicely~~!^^

and i’m on Haetnim side.. Uri Joonie, I love u so much but plz take care of uri Haetnim’s feeling as a woman..^^~

Anyway U can watch this episode here : We Got Married Season 4 Episode 6 English subs via ^^

Thank u sooo much for subbing this WGM Season!