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WooYoung JJANG!!!

Okay here’s another Chuseok Special!~~^^

To kshownow “Kamsahamnida! Kamsahamnida!~~” (suddenly i miss Gag Con Kamsahamnida skit T___T) hehe

But yeah! I salute ya’ll! Ya’ll Dae to the Bak!!! ^^

So, I’d been excited, cant wait to watch this show!

Coming home from ma work, change ma clothes and watching this!

It’s all i mean ALL PART ARE OKAY until Lizzy’s part..

Aaahh..~~ Jebal.. If its for variety cause, I might be a lil understand.. But why does she shows Jinjja shows her

disappointment towards EunJi OPENLY? And she’s almost crying in her interview!

I am the founder who looks adorable in everything I do”

ugh!~~~~ ahhhh!~~

Ssaturi? it actually own by Everyone who lives in Busan too~! hehehe

Relax Lizzy… 

Anyway, I really hope SunHwa won any title.. hehehe

Kwanghee must be happy if SunHwa won any title. Because SunHwa jinjja beautiful in his eyes~~!

And it’s so funny to watch my first and foremost lovable oppa (my very first bias) Jun2daKAY oppa!!!!!! became assistant with

HongKi hehehe LOVE LOVE LOVE

Anyway ya’ll can watch this shows here : Miss and Mister Idol Korea English subs via

Anyway, since WooYoung won the title,

Let’s watch his MV! Sexy Lady~~! Jjjang!!!







Woah! I’m so tired today~~

I’m not complaining but just wanna pour ma heart out!


You might be thinking so how can i waste ma time wrote this entry?

Hehe its only took 5 mins to wrote this entry plus I want to relax ma mind a lil..

I love WORKING! I really like it when I’m buzy until I feel suffocate! hehe

Anyway, here’s one of the song that I always heard

while doing ma work!

It’s GD -That XX

You can watch the MV with  Eng Sub version here

Let’s all sing together! hehe

* Oh I hate you for not knowing me
I hate this waiting
Please let go of his hand now
When you are sad, I feel like I could die baby

** What does that bastard have that I don’t?
Exactly why can’t I have you?
That bastard doesn’t love you
Until when are you going to cry like a fool?


cr : BIGBANG , LoveKpopSubs

lyrics cr : pop! gasa