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This scene really hurt my feelings…
I almost cry for Eun GI…

It’s a relieved that this guy (I still cant remember this Attorney’s name mian..) is beside’s Eun Gi side.. ^^

Did u hear that MS HAN JAE HEE???


I know uri Ma ru oppa feels hurt because of Jae Hee

But I feel like he’s really wrong in played  with Eun Gi’s feeling…

Poor Eun Gi…

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He really looks tired in this scene..Ahh~~ Oppa wae u choose to be like this.. T______T

It’s a good thing that Eun Gi got a strong character in this series..
Uri Ma Ru Oppa must feel sorry towards her.. ~~

I really Loveeee a scene or in real life if da guy kiss
her GF’s forehead!^^

Guys! PPalli2 watching this drama!

I’ve been dedicated ma night to watch Nice Guy at the moment! hehe

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Enjoy watching yeorobun!~~^^





I’m crazily falling in love with Song Joong Ki once agfain in Nice Guy!!

This drama are totally PSYCHO hehehe

Love it!!!

Here’s da link to this GREAT DRAMA!

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Anyway do tell me ur opinion on this drama!

Enjoy watching!^^

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