Hello!~~ Miss me?? :p

Posted: November 5, 2012 in Personal


It’s been a while since I wrote anything here..

Mian2… Just… Didn’t feel like to write anything lately..


Anyway… Yeorobun I alr cut ma hair short!!! (Well it’s been sometimes… but I just have the mood to upload it now hehe ;p)

This is my “BEFORE” & “AFTER” shoot! hehe It suit me rite?? ^^~~

And after that I’m being “OBSESS” with my new hair and MAKE UP~~!

Aiggooo!!~~ hehe

and u know rite I really love selca! I think I’ve done a good job in Make up but

doesnt it look like I used the same Colour on my eyes everyday? hahaha

I really love this pic of mine! hehehe This is my new DP for my Twitter!^^
This is my first time try on my new make up! ^^
And this is my Latest PIC! hehe

Anyway.. Have a good day yeorobun~!

will upload any pic or anything that attracted my interest to write here hehe



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